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Medical FAQs

Q: I think that I am having a life-threatening emergency. Should I come to the office?

A: No. You should immediately call 911 to be transported to the nearest hospital emergency department.

Q: How long does it take to get an appointment at your office?

A: For a NEW PATIENT, wait time to see Katie Cervi, Nurse Practitioner is one week, and for Dr. Shuster the wait is 4 to 6 weeks. For an ESTABLISHED PATIENT with a problem, appointments are available same or next day.

Q: Should I discuss problems, concerns, questions at my annual gyn exam?

A: The annual gyn exam in its present incarnation, is designed by the health insurance companies to complete routine gyn screening tests for “WELL WOMEN.” It includes a clinical breast exam, pelvic exam, PAP smear, and scheduling of pertinent screening tests for asymptomatic women.

Janie McGraw, Receptionist

Janie McGraw,

Q: I have some questions and concerns about my menopausal symptoms, so I thought that I should wait to discuss it with the doctor at my "annual well-woman exam" — is that correct?

A: No. Please make a separate appointment to discuss questions or concerns even though they may seem minor. Your annual exam is for a breast check, pelvic exam, PAP smear. Your concerns are important and our clinicians want to devote adequate time in which to solve these problems with you. If you wait to ask the doctor a lot of questions at your annual exam, then the schedule has not allotted the additional time necessary. Our concern is that you won't have a detailed enough consultation regarding your concerns and that our doctors will run behind schedule.

Q: I've been experiencing pelvic pain. Should I wait for my annual exam to tell the doctor?

A: No. Please call the office and you will be fit into the schedule. Depending upon the duration and intensity of your pain, you may be fit in the same day or within the next few days. For severe pain that is new in onset, you may not be seen by your usual provider, but one of our clinicians will be available to provide care.

Q: I've been having frequent urination and pain during urination. What should I do?

A: Call the office at the first sign of any urinary problems, including frequency, urgency, burning during urination, small volumes, bloody urine, or flank pain. This could indicate a urinary tract infection. If untreated, the infection could ascend from the bladder to the kidneys. Our receptionist will fit you in with a provider the same day.

Q: I've been having vaginal discharge and itching. Can the nurse phone in a prescription to my pharmacy for this yeast infection?

A: No. Please call the office and our receptionist will fit you into the schedule so that you can be evaluated. Your symptoms may not be caused by yeast. Medical studies have repeatedly demonstrated that medical errors are made when we attempt to diagnose and treat over the phone. We want to make the correct diagnosis and treat appropriately.

Q: My daughter is having a gyn problem. Should I bring her in?

A: Please consult with your pediatrician first. We are happy to see your daughter, but prefer her Primary Care physician is aware prior to our office seeing her.

Prescription FAQs

Q: How do I request a prescription refill?

Teri Morgan

Teri Morgan
Billing Clerk

A: You may request a prescription refill by the following methods:

1. Visit our Patient Portal by clicking HERE.


2. Call office: 410-730-5700, followed by RN's extension: x112. Leave complete information:

a. Your FULL NAME. Please spell clearly.
b. Your date of birth.
c. Best phone number for us to reach you.
d. Pharmacy name.
e. Pharmacy phone number.
f. Medication allergies.

Q: My health insurance wants me to change brands of medication. Will you phone in an Rx for their preferred alternative drug?

A: No. Not all medications or health insurance pharmacy formularies are equivalent. Changing your medication may potentially have an adverse impact on your health or on the condition that we are effectively treating with the medication that has been prescribed. If you wish to make a change, you must schedule an appointment for a consultation with your doctor or nurse practitioner in order to determine if this is a reasonable and prudent course of action.

Q: The doctor wrote me a prescription for Medication X but my health insurance company does not cover this medication.

A: The doctor has prescribed according to her best medical opinion. She is treating you, not your health insurance company. Come in for a consultation if you wish further discussion about medication alternatives.

Q: I am calling to request:

1. Test results
2. Lab results
3. Mammogram report

A: Results are usually posted on the Patient Portal within 2 business days once available from lab.


Please direct these questions to the Nurses’ extension (410-730-5700 x112). Please leave as much information as possible:

• Spelling of your last name
• Exactly what you are requesting (e.g., PAP result, blood test results)

Please allow adequate time for our team to respond — it may take up to 48 hours. Please remember if you are calling about a problem, call the front desk who will schedule an appointment for you.

Insurance FAQs

Q: Do you participate with my insurance?

A: We accept most medical plans such as:

Aetna HMO
Aetna PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maryland
Blue Cross Blue Shield National
Carefirst Blue Choice
Optimum Choice
United HealthCare (Certain Plans)

We will gladly submit your claim to your medical plan however it is highly recommended that you are informed about your medical insurance plan including your co-payments, co-insurance, maximums and your deductibles.

Q: Do you accept patients with Medicare?

A: We will continue to see established patients who transition to Medicare. Unfortunately, we currently are not accepting new patients with Medicare insurance.


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