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Risk Assessment Tools for Breast & Ovarian Cancer

We have included a number tools that you may wish to use to help determine your risk for breast and ovarian cancer. All of these tools have been validated, so you may choose among these tools. If it is determined that your risk is significantly greater than women in the general population, the next steps include consultation with our MD or NPs and referral for genetic counseling. This advise is based on recommendation of the US Preventative Services Task Force.

Note that when you are completing these tools, it is helpful to know some definitions:

FIRST degree relatives include: mother, father, sister, brother.
SECOND degree relatives include: grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and half-siblings.
THIRD degree relatives include first cousins, great-grandparents and great grandchildren.

All refer only to blood relatives and do not include relatives by marriage or adoption.

1. Ontario Family History Assessment Tool

Risk Factor Points  
Breast and ovarian cancer  
Mother 10
Sibling 7
Second-/third-degree relative 5
Breast cancer relative  
Parent 4
Sibling 3
Second-/third-degree relative 2
Male relative (add to above) 2
Breast cancer characteristics  
Onset at age 20–29 y 6
Onset at age 30–39 y 4
Onset at age 40–49 y 2
Premenopausal/perimenopausal 2
Bilateral/multifocal 3
Ovarian cancer relative  
Mother 7
Sibling 4
Second-/third-degree relative 3
Age at ovarian cancer onset  
<40 y 6
40–60 y 4
>60 y 2
Age at prostate cancer onset  
<50 y 1
Age at colon cancer onset  
<50 y 1
Family total  
Referral† ≥10  


† Referral with a score of ≥10 corresponds to doubling of lifetime risk for breast cancer (22%).



2. Pedigree Assessment Tool (PAT)

Risk Factor Score for every family member with breast or ovarian cancer diagnosis, including 2nd/3rd degree
Breast cancer at age ≥50 3
Breast cancer at age <50 4
Ovarian cancer at any age 5
Male breast cancer at any age 8
Ashkenazi Jewish heritage 4


Score ≥8 is the optimal referral threshold



3. Manchester Scoring System for BRCA1 and BRCA2 testing

Click HERE to view the Manchester Scoring System »



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